A difficult choice is at hand for believers today. We must choose between real love and the mere appearance of love. Though this may be difficult at times, we can take heart knowing that Jesus faced this same trial continually. 

The culture, at least the one that the wide-path media has increasingly fostered, has framed true love as a serious offense. In their eyes what the scripture calls love is an intolerant abomination. It's amazing how much this concept has been twisted. Even so, it's no surprise that satan would fight for the good ground of biblical love by seeking to redefine it calling lust love, and by shaming Holy Ghost boldness as hatefulness.

Many pastors and ministers are now facing the brunt of this challenge as well. Some are choosing to follow Jesus and stand for real love while others are cowardly caving to pressure. All of this however, is a real test of our allegiance, and ultimately a measure for our love for the Savior.

Real men and women of God must choose to both walk in and stand for biblical love.

What is real love you might ask? And how can we understand it in a culture that defines it in so many ways? 

It's simple. Real love is Jesus. Everything he did in the gospels was out of a perfected love. Jesus continually had to risk appearing unloving in order to truly be loving. Likewise, if you want to be loving in God's eyes you will have to risk looking unloving to the world.

It actaully goes farther than this reaching into other concepts. Jesus, as a true counterculture man, took a bold stance against the sinful and religious culture of his day. He did this in order to establish the Kingdom of God and demonstrate it's culture on earth. But the irony is that in doing this he risked looking like a heretic in order to be truthful, looking unloving in order to truly be loving, and appearing disorderly to bring divine order. No wonder he commanded his followers not to judge by appearances but rather to make righteous judgments. 

The bottomline is that we must choose substance over style. In fact, in order to truly follow Christ we have to abandon the desire to serve outward appearances and live for what is right, regardless of what it looks like. 

If you are looking to the world, even to your family and friends, and allowing them to condition your convictions then you must repent. Your convictions about right and wrong must come from the Lord. You are to live your life in his sight, doing what is just in his eyes alone.