The Ship Dream - Part 4 - A Walk Amongst the Crew

As I mentioned in the last blog, the ship was basically a ghost ship until the moment my mother asked “Who are all these people?”, at which the deck came alive with workers.

At this point my tour of the vessel began. As I started walking across the deck I quickly realized that some level of authority had been given to me from the Captain as people on the boat were supposed to salute me just as a commissioned officer in the military must be saluted. This was strange to me because during my enlistment in the Coast Guard no one ever had to salute me as I was not an officer. However, to my surprise, it seemed that on this vessel I served as an officer which meant that there was a corresponding responsibility to the Captain for my execution of that office.

Keep in mind that as I went around the deck and viewed people and things; these were all future at this point and soon began to come to pass like a timeline. Some of the events actually happened in the order that I saw them and others may have been placed there simply because of their importance to the mission.

To the port (left side) of the ship I noticed that were many workers but I turned to the starboard (right side) and began to walk. The first thing I walked up on was two shirtless men that looked like strong sailors. One of them was visibly larger than the other like a father and son would appear. They were working hard on tying a thick line of three strand cord around a large stake that had been nailed into the boards of the deck.

I then moved toward the bow (front) where I met with a small framed man who quickly approached me. He had sharp features and a fresh crew cut in his hair. Another thing that stood out was that he was wearing a black and white suit with a tie. He was the only person on the entire ship wearing clothes like this. He wanted to talk to me, and we did talk, however the words of the conversation were not revealed. Perhaps just the fact that we were meeting and talking was itself a message indicating that we would be working together closely - and indeed it was.

Okay, let’s dive into the imagery now…

In this section, I experienced a real turn around as a sense of merely trying to survive shifted to adventure and curiosity. This is what happens when we move a step further away from the world and one closer to what the Lord wants us to do. I had experienced mercy in being rescued by the ship but tremendous grace had now been given to me to be serving as an officer. Perhaps, knowing my own unworthiness helped me more than I realized during this season. Again, I’m reminded of Jonah who is known for both having a blend of weakness of character and yet also a prophetic gift that was able to be used outside of his country of birth. And after having severely rebelled against the Lord he was quickly restored to his purpose. Just like Jonah I had experienced a rather quick turn around and restoration to my calling.

Now, for the first two men. I actually met them several months after seeing them in the dream. It was a father and son who brought a lot of spiritual strength to the ship. Chris, the son (the smaller of the two), actually became our minister of worship and did a great job especially for his young age. He was also a Timothy like I had originally seen would be part of the ship’s call. Just as I saw them first working hard so they were when I met them as they were on a business venture. Just as they were working on a stake they had apparently nailed into the deck, so these were spreading out their tent stakes by becoming land owners in Costa Rica with a rather large stake of land. Interestingly, about three years after I first saw them in the dream after having returned to U.S., a picture was emailed to me of both of them together with their shirts off baptizing a new believer at the beach. This reminded of how they looked to me in the dream.

One more thought. Just as I had originally seen Chris with cord in hand this is related to how he served the Captain. As a guitarist/vocalist he used chords as his main gift on the ship.

After this, the man in the suit was my friend Eben who fits the physical description of the man in the dream. He was wearing a suit and tie because he became a pastor on the ship along with myself. He was wearing black and white which is funny to me because this seems to match his personality very well. He was one of the most black and white personalities I’ve known having the gift of letting you know where he stood at all times. We spent a lot of time together for about a two year period and weathered quite a few storms during that time. Though, unlike the others on the deck I had actually met Eben before the dream, still, just as I saw, he later cut his hair to match the short crew cut. His fellowship not only strengthened me during trying times, but also empowered me to serve God in new and creative ways that I didn't realize were possible at the time.

A final comment on the purpose of dreams. This is often how things happen in dreams for me. I will see details ahead of time and then they come to pass like a timeline later down the road. This serves as confirmation and also helps with orientation on God’s prophetic timeline. Sometimes the small details that seem insignificant or strange, like the particular haircut, or a stake nailed into a wooden deck, are infused with meaning that help me to understand where I am at, and also the people the Lord allows me to serve with me with in his kingdom.

I had now seen details about some of the most important people in my immediate future that helped me to identify them and their purpose. In the next blog we will look at the first crisis that took place on the ship and how the Lord handled it. For now however, you the reader may be like a Jonah running from the Lord. If you are truly willing to repent the Lord can restore you and sometimes faster than you realize.

The Ship Dream - Part 3 - The Captain of Salvation

I had now experienced firsthand what it was like to be rescued by this ship. As I described, I was now standing alone on the deck with only a young girl standing in front of me. We were near the back by the entrance to the Captains chamber. I noticed that the lights were out back there and I knew intuitively that he was sleeping. Though I was shaken by my near death experience I now had a message I urgently wanted to report to the Captain. While trying to catch my breath I told her, “Tell the Captain I’m not going back out there again”, meaning the dark shark infested waters, “ It’s too dangerous!”. At that, she quickly went to relay the message.

Suddenly, I looked up and standing in front of a large wooden wall to my surprise was my mother and grandmother. My mother’s eyes were beaming with hope as she began to excitedly ask me, “ Who are all these people?”.

Keep in mind that as she said “ Who are all these people ? ”, we are standing on a ship in which there is not a single person in sight. It is completely silent as we stand on what looks more like a ghost ship than anything else.

When she said this I turned to the right looking out over the length of the deck and it was suddenly alive. In an instant an entire crew seemed to appear out of nowhere. The eery silence was shattered by the sound of workers now filling the deck moving about busily as they carried out tasks related to the operation of the ship. What was essentially a ghost ship moments before was now filled with men and women that appeared to be functioning as a capable and purposed crew.

This requires a little explanation/interpretation. I have now gone from being overboard from a cruise ship to being onboard this mysterious small vessel. Though it was completely empty when I first saw it it is now filled with sailors. Let’s break down some of the imagery I saw in this part.

I want to comment for a moment on the young woman. The young girl reminds me of how the Spirit works and often worked through this ministry. Think about it… she was the one that led me to the Captain, even though I didn't physically see him. The Holy Spirit does the same for us today. Though we do not see the Lord physically who we work for we know where he is. It is the gentle Spirit that leads us to him for salvation and helps us to understand that he is the authority we answer too.

Who was the Captain? I believe this represented Jesus, the Captain of our Salvation. I am also reminded of the gospels in which Jesus was once sleeping on a boat full of young disciples while they were scared for their lives as the ship was hit by a storm. They were terrified but he didn't have a care in the world.

On this note, we must understand that our Captain is fearless, and wise enough to not enter into our own fears. Sometimes it doesn't seem he cares but he does. He knows everything especially when we are in desperation. In the case of this dream, and the ministry it represented, it was enough to simply know that he was on board with us.

Why did I see my mother and grandmother? This was a code straight out of the bible. There was a young minister and missionary in the bible whose mother and grandmother were mentioned as having had faith, the very faith they passed on to him - Timothy.

I’ll let the words of an old friend interpret this part.

A couple of months after having this dream I was telling it to a prophetically oriented believer who has ministered in Costa Rica for 15 years. As I sat sharing this part in particular he pointed out that Timothy was known for having a mother, and grandmother rich in the faith of Christ.(this was also true in my case). He also pointed out that my having seen seeing them on the ship clearly indicated something.

You are a Timothy he emphatically stated! I’m not a Paul, but you are definitely a Timothy he said. This was accurate because Timothy was young, and inexperienced in many ways, unmarried at least in the beginning of his ministry, yet determined to honor God as a protege of the apostle Paul. This was very much a prophetic identity statement for the nature of the ship from my perspective.

Timothy means “honoring God”. Though we weren't perfect this is certainly what we sought to do in sincerity. The ship had many young men and women who were, in a sense, like Timothy. And today many of these Timothy’s have grown up and are still serving the Lord in various places.

Finally, just as I had seen the ship suddenly come alive. This is exactly what I would witness within a couple of months of having this dream. An organic movement that could only come together by God’s power. Many people with different backgrounds were drawn together by God’s sovereignty to help commission a new ministry. I was just glad to be on board. One last thought which is another angle on the young girl… I can’t help but think that she was the first person I saw on board, waiting, helping me like a sailor lost at sea to get on board. Behind much of this was a young praying Tica, Jusselly my friends wife, with a heart for her country. It seems there is always someone behind the scenes praying with childlike faith before God begins any work.