Dream: Update - Donald the Drummer

Donald the Drummer

Prophetic Update about dream.

Okay…. so this is getting really really interesting … and fast. 

I don’t know what else to say except that the other day I randomly googled “Donald Trump Drums” out of sheer curiosity. I thought to myself , how crazy would it be if I found out that Trump actually plays drums or something like that. He doesn’t as far as I know.  

However, what I found was a video that blew my mind even more than if Donald literally played drums.

Keep in mind, in my dream entitled “The Rise of Donald” I saw a man named Donald playing drums in a dark corner off to the side of a stage.

Here is a short excerpt from the dream if you haven’t read it yet...

At this point I began to be able to see better and so my attention was turned to a man sitting at an enormous drum-set. I hadn’t noticed him before as he was positioned alone in a dark corner, almost as if hidden. Yet, even though he was far from the bright lights of center stage I clearly recognized him as a pastor from my local community named Donald. 

I noticed that his drum-set was oddly positioned at the front edge of the stage, as opposed to the back, where a drummer would normally be. I also noticed that it was turned around, as if he were a spectator, so that he faced the center of the stage with his back mainly to the audience. He kept a solid rhythm on the drums but at the same time enthusiastically watched the show with a big grin. Because of this he seemed more like a member of the audience than a performer in the show even though he was on stage.

Now watch this video a couple of times (its only 49 seconds) and the music is cool too. The last 15 seconds is what blew me away.

Donald Trump emula los golpes de batería de "Dream On" - DONALD TRUMP AIR DRUMS AEROSMITH DREAM ON

Go ahead and watch it again.

Why am I blown away? Because this this lays over the top of my dream very well. I tried to describe it in the written version of the dream but this puts it in a clearer light. Way too many similarities. Obviously, he is not literally at a drum-set. He is playing the drums though, over to the side, near the people, out of the center stage lighting, grinning and having a good time, just as I saw. 

Okay, so apparently Donald is a drummer of sorts. The last 15 seconds of this video is incredibly similar to what I saw and wrote about in detail in my dream. (Especially what Donald looked like over in the dark area out of the main lights)

7 details.

1) in the dark area out of the lights 

2) over to the left side 

3) the guy was named 'Donald'!

4) he was playing drums

5) he was clearly having fun

6) he was close to the people in the audience

7) Interesting detail: (all of this was in a prophetic dream) but when you see him in the video the song he is playing air drums to is called "Dream On"

Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot to mention was that the guy I saw in my dream playing drums had blond hair of a similar length to Donald Trump. (even so, his hair might not have been quite as cool as Trump's - which is on the cutting edge of modern hair style)

So I have to be honest, when I saw this a very powerful emotion came over me as well as the presence of God's Spirit. The fear of God came over me. This is real folks. There is a God in heaven who reveals secrets as Daniel said. God has chosen and lifted up this man Donald. I am sure of it. Its time for the people to begin seeing his value. God sees his value. The question is can we? Can we see through the propaganda of the Mainstream Media? Can we discern through the spirit of Anti-christ so prevalent in our land?

Many christians struggle to see each other's value and that makes it even more difficult to see the value of someone like Donald Trump. He's trying to do us a favor. It is the mega-corporation owned media that represents a corrupt establishment in favor of the Clinton's. Donald is a wrench in the wheel of an elite establishment that seeks to take advantage of the ignorance of American voters of all persuasions. And he has been more effective at exposing and confronting this evil (which seeks to expand abortion on demand, war profiteering, and a manufactured take down of the West by globalists who seek to flood our nation with hundreds of thousands of unvettable refugees) than any Christian pastor I know of.

My belief is that we should come into agreement with the Lord and stand with this guy. If we do I believe we will see another awakening in America, that would be a third Great Awakening which we need so badly. We as a nation and Church have been deep in a cycle of decadence both morally and spiritually. The time is now for there to be an awakening, not of religion, but of the true power from God, and of true relationship with him. 

From now on I will not keep my mouth shut - the time for an awakening is at hand. The landscape is about to change drastically in our nation. Not so much because of Donald, but because of the people who are violently (spiritually that is) reaching out to receive God’s grace.  

The people are hungry. No army can stop an idea whose time has come. I’m going to be on the right side of history. I leave you with a quote.


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